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Sunlenses Color Explosion!

From red, yellow and blue through everything in between; sizzling mirrored shades, cool tints-a rainbow of options to suit any taste, style of frame, lens or prescription. All Chemistrie Sunlenses are polarized sunglasses for increased visual clarity and reduced harsh glare, and click on and off your primary lenses in a snap!

For Any Style. And Almost Any Frame!

Rimless, titanium, thick or thin; through ovals, squares, horn-rims, retros, half-frames and more; there's almost no style you wear that you can't show off even more with Chemistrie Sunlenses. You spend a lot of time and money while making a visual statement with your eyeglasses-why hide that when it's time to go outside?

Hot Crystals.

Like a wristwatch, handbag, necklace or hat, the right accent can complete a look. Only Chemistrie Sunlenses can be accentuated with genuine Swarovski crystals-jeweled accents that magnetically click on, click off and add sparkle and style to your regular eyeglasses. Can be worn with the click-on sunlenses, or over your regular lenses, with 12 arresting faceted colors to choose from!

Cool Cases.

While genuine Chemistrie Sunlenses are durable and flexible (we slip ours into our shirt pocket all the time), there's nothing like an ounce of prevention to protect your click-on lenses from harsh surfaces. Each Chemistrie Sunlenses product comes with a sleek, slim carry-case-and more are available to suit your life and style! Keep one at the office, one in your purse, and one for home for all day, every day protection of your lenses!

Coming Soon: Chemistrie RxLenses!

Chemistrie Rx Lenses: The patent-pending magnetic lens layering system that brings our sunlenses to life, can also be used to create two one! By creating a magnetic lens layer that meets a different visual need, our lens wearers can enjoy a primary prescription pair, and additional "click-on" lenses to change that prescription for certain situations-reading, driving, even near or far distance vision! Simple. Convenient. Fast!